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Valet Parking And Garage Keepers Liability—Why It Should Be Included In Your Restaurant Insurance

October 1, 2021

It used to be that valet parking was offered only by high-end white-glove restaurants, those wishing to be seen as exclusive, appealing to the rich and the famous. But with ever greater car ownership and ever fewer public parking options, restaurant owners at all levels are now needing to think about valet parking simply to attract new or even maintain existing customer loyalty.

Being met by a valet attendant can certainly take the hassle out of an evening’s dining experience, but what does providing that service mean for a restaurant owner and what impact does it have on the restaurant’s insurance coverage? If providing a valet parking service, is the restaurant responsible for damage done to a customer’s car, or does the responsibility lie with the car owner and their insurance?

Generally, responsibility lies with whoever is driving and has charge of the vehicle. Thus, from the moment the owner hands the keys of their vehicle to the valet, responsibility falls to the valet parking business owner. If, as a restaurant owner, you employ your own valet parking staff, it is vital that you add Valet Parking Liability to your restaurant insurance policy.

Valet Parking Liability Insurance will provide:

General liability: providing cover if your customer’s car causes injury to a person or damage to property while in the care of your valet parking attendant.

Garage keeper’s liability: providing cover if your customer’s car is damaged while in the care of your valet parking attendant (this will include collision and theft).

You may decide to hire a valet parking service. In this case, the impact on your restaurant insurance coverage will be reduced but you will still need insurance protection for the parking location, and you will have less control over who is working on your property.

Find out more about valet parking in New Jersey and what it means for your restaurant insurance. Contact Vozza Agency for restaurant insurance coverage in New Jersey.

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