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Outside Dining In New Jersey? Your Restaurant Insurance Has You Covered

March 31, 2022

The pandemic forced many New Jersey restaurant businesses to rethink the way they did things. One departure from the norm, which occurred across the country, was an increase in outside dining. Now, as the world settles back into a close-to-normal routine, many New Jersey restaurants are choosing to hold on to and even enhance or increase their outside dining opportunities.

When you make any changes to your business premises, structure, or model it is important to investigate all the ramifications, such as local authority regulations and requirements, coding issues, and insurance needs.

If you are increasing your restaurant dining area by building a temporary structure of any kind, make sure that structure is to code.

If you are extending beyond an established yard, forecourt, or courtyard, will your diners be near a road with moving traffic?

What is the ground surface of your dining area? Is it smooth? Are there trip hazards?

Is there any issue with drainage, access, or abutters’ rights?

What utilities will you need? Can you make them safe?

Are you introducing outside heaters and/or flammable materials?

Can your restaurant staff transport the food safely? Will they have to carry heavy items any distance? Will they have to cross any roads? Will they be going up or downstairs while carrying hot food or beverages?

The more you can reduce the risk of injury to your restaurant staff and customers, the better it will be for them and the less potentially costly for you.

If you are sure that everything you are planning complies with local regulations and that nothing you are doing is illegal or open to possible action from an abutter, competitor, or local authority, you need to talk to your insurance broker. Your plans may already be covered by your general liability New Jersey restaurant insurance, but you may need some additional supplements to ensure full coverage and protection.

Finally, once you’ve taken out the right insurance policies, made sure you have all the correct restaurant licensing and certificates, you’ll be good to go. It’ll be time to set the tables, light the candles, and relax in the knowledge that you are providing the best (and safest) al fresco dining experience in New Jersey. Bon appétit!

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