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Off-Premises Insurance… is Your Restaurant’s Catered Event Covered?

January 31, 2022

You have a great business, a thriving restaurant. You have a loyal clientele, new customers who quickly become repeat customers, rave online reviews. Then, one day, one of your regulars asks you to cater an off-site event. They’ve looked at other caterers but, for their special day, it’s you they want…you and your food! It’s a great opportunity and certainly one you can handle. And, who knows? It may even lead to a whole new sideline for your New Jersey restaurant.

While you explore all the details of equipment and staffing needs, costing the job, scheduling and transportation, you should ask one important and often overlooked question: Does your current restaurant insurance cover you for off-site catering?

Your restaurant insurance will, generally, offer you both liability and property coverage. But unless you have specific endorsements it is unlikely that you will be covered if you move off-site. For example, you may have Food Spoilage and Food Contamination Insurance, but the likelihood is that the coverage will be limited to food that is handled and prepared on site only. Similarly, you may have Equipment Breakdown Insurance, but does that cover mobile equipment? And what if you hire outside equipment?

As with your general restaurant insurance policies, Off-Premises Insurance can be separated into two distinct areas: liability and property. If you have Off-Premises Property Insurance, you will be insured against costs arising from damage to property that does not belong to you. Thus, if you have an equipment malfunction that causes fire damage, your Off-Premises Insurance will have you covered. Similarly, Off-Premises Liability Coverage will insure you should there be any problem with the food you provide at an off-site event.

Off-site catering can be lucrative and a great way to expand your restaurant business, but be smart and make sure you have the insurance you need. As ever it’s all in the details and there are various types of Off-Premises insurance. They range in price, in coverage, in specifics, and they won’t all fit your needs or budget. So, before you take the bold and exciting step to expand your business beyond the walls of your New Jersey restaurant building, talk to your insurance agent.

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