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Liquor Liability Insurance—A Must for all New Jersey Restaurants

June 28, 2021

When someone in your restaurant has had too much to drink and causes a disturbance, it can ruin the evening for your other diners. But for you, the restaurant owner, the impact of that person acting under the influence can have far-reaching consequences.

There are many laws to do with the consumption and sale of alcohol and for all infringements the seller or server can find themselves liable.

Many General Liability Coverage policies will specifically exclude losses related to liquor if your business sells, manufactures, distributes, or serves liquor. Even if you are not normally in the business of serving liquor your insurance policy may still deny liquor-related claims.

If you do serve alcohol—either regularly or occasionally—you need to protect yourself and your business with Liquor Liability Insurance as part of an overall restaurant insurance policy.

A customer in your restaurant has had a few too many drinks and starts a fight. Another customer is injured and sues not only the intoxicated combatant but also your restaurant for continuing to serve that customer when they had already consumed too much…

A diner has a few drinks, drives away from your restaurant, and gets into a traffic accident. They cause bodily harm to a passenger and a pedestrian—multiple individuals and insurance companies hold you responsible. After all, it was your business that served the alcohol and allowed the drinker to drive away under the influence…

A customer, while intoxicated, damages your property either accidentally or with intent. No one sues but your general liability claim is denied because the incident involved liquor…

Whatever the scenario, if your restaurant insurance coverage does not have the appropriate liquor liability insurance the damages you incur could run into many thousands of dollars and could permanently close you down, or worse.

Liquor liability insurance need not be expensive but you do have to be sure that you get the right coverage. For instance, if you provide off-site catering including the serving of liquor, do not assume that you are covered through a standard liquor liability insurance policy. Make sure your liquor liability insurance includes assault and battery coverage, if not, any claims stemming from a fight will not be covered. Be sure to check that your liquor liability insurance includes coverage for legal fees, settlements, medical costs, and damage to property.

Acquiring liquor liability and restaurant insurance for your business is not difficult but you should take the time to read the small print or ask an agent.

Next time you pop a beer, mix a cocktail, or pull a cork for an appreciative customer, do so with confidence, safe in the knowledge that whatever might happen next, your liquor liability insurance has you covered.

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