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Hit the Road but Don’t Forget the Insurance for Your New Jersey Food Truck

June 1, 2022

Whether you’re expanding out of your bricks-and-mortar premises or starting from scratch as an independent food truck operator or food cart vendor, you’ll need many of the typical restaurant insurance coverages plus specific policies that not only cover your mobile business but also travel with it from place to place.

Things to think about as you consider your customized food-truck insurance policy:

What will be your anticipated turnover?

What type of food will you be serving? Hot, cold, perishable…?

What equipment do you have and what is its value?

Do you have any employees? If so, how many and what will you need for worker’s comp?

Do you need year-round or seasonal restaurant insurance?

Do you have any buildings in which you store food and/or equipment?

Do you need a predetermined level of liability as specified by any venues?

Will you need business interruption insurance?

Will you need cyber coverage? You may not have a computer system, but if you accept card payments and use any electronic device to handle the transactions, you will need cybercrime insurance.

If you have employees, should you consider employee theft insurance?

Do you have all the necessary permits and licenses to operate a mobile food business in the state of New Jersey or any other state? (Currently, New Jersey requires that you have a business license, and you will need a permit and health inspection from every city in which you plan to do business.)

Does your restaurant general liability insurance extend to selling food off site or could you take out Off-Premises Restaurant Insurance and thus have sufficient coverage?

Does your current equipment insurance policy also cover any equipment—oven, fryer, fridge-freezer—on the truck?

To find out more about health and safety and permitting for food trucks or food carts in New Jersey visit And for all your food truck insurance questions talk to your broker.

Owning a food truck can be fun, exciting, profitable, and a relatively inexpensive way to get started in the food and catering industry. And, if you already own an established restaurant but are thinking of introducing a food truck to your business plan, it’s a great way to improve on profits while simultaneously marketing your flagship restaurant.

For more information on top rated restaurant insurance in New Jersey contact Vozza Agency.

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