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Does Your Restaurant Insurance Cover You For Takeout?

December 7, 2022

One of the most popular restaurant trends of the 2020s is takeout food, and not just from fast-food restaurants. Demand rose with Covid and now, even some restaurants that did not offer a takeout option at the height of the pandemic are considering it as a viable addition to their brand.


What should you think about before embarking on this relatively inexpensive expansion to your business?


Will you be serving hot or cold dishes? Do you have suitable containers? Bear in mind that containers should be leak-proof, possibly insulated, and affordable but reflective of your restaurant's brand.


If people will be driving to collect their food, will parking be an issue? Can you provide a temporary parking space or even a drive-through window?


How will orders be taken? By telephone, via your website? Do you have the staff to keep track of those orders?


How will orders be paid for? Before or after pick-up? Remotely or in person?


And, of course, are you insured?


If you’re taking payments online do you have cyber insurance?


If a customer spills hot food on their lap, ruining their clothes, and perhaps burning themselves; will your restaurant general liability insurance cover you when they sue?


What if a customer gets food poisoning having eaten takeout from your restaurant? It may be less easy to prove than if they had eaten in-house but, right or wrong, such a claim can have a devastating effect. Does your restaurant have food contamination insurance? Loss of income insurance should you be closed down? Will your restaurant’s general liability insurance coverage help pay for the indirect cost of bad publicity? 


Many of the risks associated with takeout food service are the same as those experienced by a traditional restaurant, but they do come with their own unique twists and perhaps a greater chance of actually happening. Our insurance agency in Park Ridge provides commercial restaurant insurance

 Don’t wait until the first claim is made to find out whether or not your restaurant insurance is sufficient. Check with your broker ahead of time. Not only will they be able to offer reassurance, but they will often be able to give money-saving tips and advice.


For more information on the best restaurant insurance coverage in New Jersey contact Vozza Agency.

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