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Staff Shortages And How They Affect Your Restaurant Insurance

December 15, 2021

As the new year gets underway and with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 causing unprecedented problems everywhere, restaurants and bars across New Jersey and the entire USA are facing a renewed challenge from staff shortages. When a single member of staff takes time off for ill health it’s often not a big deal, but when half your workforce calls in sick within a matter of days it can cause chaos.

In most circumstances, you will try to stay open but it will undoubtedly have an impact on your remaining staff, your customers, and potentially, on your reputation. If you are able to stay open your priority must be to take care of your remaining employees. You will likely be asking them to work longer hours and possibly cover jobs for which they are not properly trained. In compensation, you may be looking at increased pay as well as more and better incentives. You must do all you can to reduce the inevitable increase in their stress by building in breaks and ensuring that all your workers continue to have adequate time to rest, de-stress, eat, and exercise. In the long term they are your best asset–keep your staff happy and healthy and they will provide better customer service and protect the reputation of your establishment.

What does all this mean for your restaurant insurance? If you are having to make significant long-term changes to your business hours or what you are able to provide, you may be able to make some savings by changing your insurance coverage. If you are managing to maintain the status quo you should check up on your workers’ compensation insurance. Knowing that you have what you need will reduce your stress–with fewer employees working longer hours stress-related illnesses or injuries may become more likely.

As you struggle to stay afloat in these challenging times remember that you are not alone. Talk early and often with your restaurant insurance broker. Talk through any anticipated problems or changes. Discuss the “what ifs” and make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for all scenarios. Being well informed, and well covered will bring peace of mind, which in turn will allow you to offer support and positive commitment to your restaurant team.

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