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Office Parties and the Insurance your Restaurant Will Need

November 28, 2022

Hosting local businesses during the holiday season can be a huge boost to your restaurant—raising your local profile, drawing in new customers, and bringing in trade on otherwise quiet nights. But events like the “office party” can put a strain on a restaurant and may have a direct impact on its insurance needs. 

One of our independent insurance agents in Park Ridge, NJ can help you determine the right restaurant coverage and things to think about ahead of time:


Do you need additional permitting for the proposed event? Will you have more people on site than usual? Are you licensed for that number? Are you insured?


If you will be serving alcohol, do you have a liquor license? Is it current? Do you have liquor liability insurance? Is it up to date?


If the customers will be supplying their own alcohol what insurance and permitting do you need?


If you don’t normally serve alcohol but have been asked to do so, can you get a temporary liquor license and temporary liquor liability insurance?


Don’t run the risk of being unprepared—the last thing your business needs is a visit from the police mid-party.


What extra training does your staff need? If you will be busier than usual, do you have enough staff, and are they prepared to handle the extra work? What experience do they have? What insurance do you need if you are hiring temporary workers?


Will you offer valet parking? Parking off-site? Do you have parking insurance? Will you be using a new parking site? Does that site owner have insurance? Does your existing parking insurance cover you at the new lot?


Whatever new insurances or permits you may require, once everything is in place, remember that your staff—from the kitchen to the dining room to the front door—can make or break your restaurant. Make sure they have everything they need, that they are confident, and, above all, that they know you appreciate them.


Getting ahead of the prep work before the big rush is vital both in and out of the kitchen—so pull out your insurance policies and make sure everything, from liquor liability to property damage, to general liability, is in order and gives you adequate protection. Our insurance agency in Park Ridge provides commercial restaurant insurance


And remember, if you have any questions or doubts, or just want to double-check, a call to your insurance broker now may save you thousands of dollars later.

For more information on the best restaurant insurance coverage in New Jersey contact Vozza Agency.

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