Whether you own an exclusive high-end restaurant, an open-all-hours diner, or a pop-up food truck, your business is unique. But, for every food-industry enterprise there are common insurable risks: general liability; product liability; business interruption caused by natural disaster or equipment failure; lawsuits from unhappy customers; employee theft; liquor liability, and more.

Of the many lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the catering industry those of “not all insurance policies are created equal” and “be sure to read the small print,” must surely have been among the most hard-felt. Too many small restaurants went under between 2020 and 2021 not because they were uninsured but because they were uninsured against the one thing that threatened them.
best restaurant insurance agency provider in new jersey
restaurant workers compensation insurance agency provider in new jersey
As a food-business owner you can and should pay close attention to your restaurant insurance policies and, as far as possible, get the best coverage for your individual circumstances.

There are off-the-shelf restaurant insurance packages and there are customized bespoke insurance policies. For the food-industry it’s important to fully understand what you need. For example: if you deliver food or use a company-owned vehicle to collect food, you should have automobile liability insurance. If you serve alcohol, you will need liquor liability insurance.

Information that you will need before investigating your restaurant insurance options includes: the size, type, and age of your premises; the size of your business—projected sales and number of customers; the value or your equipment and inventory; the number of employees; the location of your business and, of course, the type of business—the owner of a nightclub downtown will have quite different insurance needs from the owner of a rural gastro restaurant.

New Jersey Restaurant Workers' Compensation Safety Trust

  • Workers Compensation Savings
  • Average Savings 40%
  • Superior Underwriting
  • 15% Up-Front Credits
  • Plus, Back-end dividends
  • 40 Years Consecutive Dividends
  • AM Best A+ Rated Carrier
The Vozza Agency has been specializing in restaurant insurance in New Jersey for over 50 years. Not only are we familiar with the needs of the food industry, we keep up-to-date with current New Jersey law and current restaurant trends.

We will never sell you a policy you don’t need nor will we suggest you don’t take insurance that you do need.

We will take care of you every step of the way, helping you to understand exactly what a policy provides. If a customer sues you for food poisoning are you insured for loss of earnings, legal costs, brand damage? If a fire was caused by a fryer that was left on overnight, is your building still protected? If you lose power and have to close for the night are you covered just for the loss of earnings or for loss of earnings plus the cost of throwing away spoiled product?
best restaurant workers compensation insurance agency provider in new jersey

Restaurant Insurance Coverage Including:

General Liability
Property Coverage
Business Interruption
Liquor Law Liability
Food Spoilage
Employment Practices Liability
Cyber Liabilty
Water Backup and Utilities Coverage
Workers Compensation
Umbrella Liability
All Risk Coverage/Replacement Cost
Employee Theft
Boiler & Machinery
Group Health
Garage Keepers Legal Liability

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