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Cyber threat not a concern for your small business? Think again.

February 14, 2018


Cyber threats have become a critical concern for the country’s 28 million small businesses, with the Justice Department recording nearly 300,000 cybersecurity complaints in 2016 alone.

Did you know?

  • 60% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small to medium sized businesses.
  • 60% of small business who are struck by a cyber attack close their doors within 6 months after the attack
  • Hackers know that small businesses have fewer controls and less sophisticated security protecting their data
  • Even if you out-source data handling to a 3rd party – if your business’ data is breached, you are obligated to respond
  • All types of small businesses are potential targets!

Industries targeted include;
Restaurants and Retailers who accept credit cards;
Offices who handle medical records;
Financial planners, tax preparers, accountants & Lawyers who have access to ss #’s and banking info;
Employers who keep employee records

Responding to a breach is not only costly – its complex.

Some of the expenses associated with a cyber attack:

  • Compliance with data breach & privacy notification laws
  • Securing legal counsel to respond to lawsuits from customers
  • Hiring forensic experts to investigate the breach
  • Paying regulator fines and penalties from privacy law violations

The Vozza Agency has access to multiple insurers to provide a program to fit your business needs and your budget, based on your individual exposure

Don’t become one of the small businesses that has to close their doors forever. Insure your business against Cyber Crime. The coverage is not as expensive as you may think – but not insuring your business against cyber crime, could end up costing you everything…

For a free coverage consultation and premium indication contact Barry Connolly.

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