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Essential Restaurant Insurance Coverage Types For Your N.J. Restaurant

November 5, 2022

New to restaurant ownership? Drowning in insurance information? Wondering what, if any, of all the insurance policies out there you really need? One of our independent insurance agents in Park Ridge, NJ can help you determine the right coverage for your restaurant. 


There are so many different types of restaurants that it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. To look at just some of the differences:


Do you own your premises?

Do you serve alcohol?

Are you open year-round?

Do you offer parking?

Do you have a delivery service?

Are you part of a franchise?

Do you bring in prepared food or is it all made in house?

Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff?

Do you provide off-site catering?


For every difference, there is a different insurance policy to match it. But does your restaurant need them all? If you don’t serve alcohol, why would you pay for liquor liability insurance? But if you do serve alcohol, it would be madness not to.


There are, of course, some basic New Jersey commercial insurance coverage policies that all restaurants should have:


General Liability Insurance

Building and Business Property Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance


After that, there are additional policies to be considered, but often it can be a matter of adding an endorsement or rider to an existing policy.


Secondary insurance policies most frequently used by restaurants include:


Food Spoilage insurance

Boiler and Machinery insurance

Liquor Liability insurance

Employee theft insurance

Business interruption insurance

Food Contamination insurance


Some or all, none or others, may be necessary for your restaurant insurance, and making the right choices can be overwhelming. If you want to ensure your insurance…speak to a broker and discuss the necessary policies and sufficient coverage for your restaurant.

For more information on the best restaurant insurance coverage in New Jersey contact Vozza Agency.

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