For over 50 years, The Vozza Agency has helped individuals and families with all of their insurance needs and we offer an analysis of your insurance portfolio including your Homeowners and Auto Insurance.

When was the last time you had a review with your current agent? Could you be underinsured with your current company and just renewing year to year..... this could leave you open to an uncovered claim. Our office completes an annual review to help avoid these exposures. Some examples: Do you have a new dog that is on the excluded list, could you have put a new pool in without reviewing the liability exposure, when was the last time you received a flood quote and considered the risk with the new flood maps.

Contact our office today for an up to date review of your exposures and a new replacement cost estimate for your home.
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Homeowners Insurance

We design homeowners package policies and also specialize in homes with values in the millions of dollars. We can even schedule floaters to include your jewelry, fine arts, wine collection or other collectibles. For homes of distinction, Chubb's Masterpiece policy includes personal liability, a complimentary home appraisal and actual building and personal property replacement cost. A triple A-rated Chubb policy can even include child abduction and identity theft.

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Condominium Insurance

Do you know what your condominium's master policy will cover and what you are personally responsible for? We can review your condominium's master deed and assist you in determining appropriate coverage.

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Renters Insurance

Did you know that you can be held personally responsible for injuries that occur in your apartment? Your renter's policy covers more than just your personal belongings.

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Automobile Insurance

From a new Jaguar - to an 85 Honda - to a classic Mustang, we offer standard auto policies to deluxe coverage such as agreed value.

boat insurance agency provider in new jersey

Watercraft Insurance

From fine yachts to small runabouts, we'll make sure owning a pleasure boat is just that, a pleasure.

wedding insurance agency provider in new jersey

Wedding or Event Insurance

We can offer you financial protection for an unfortunate or unforseen event that may occur on the day of your wedding. A wedding policy can offer coverage for cancellation or postponement, loss deposits, photos and videos, jewerly etc. Why not protect one of the most important days of your life? We also offer one day event policies which have become a requirement by some venues.

life insurance agency provider in new jersey

Life Insurance

What would happen to your family if your income where to disappear? From Term Life, Whole Life, Mortgage, Universal Life to Variable Life and Estate Planning needs, there are many choices to make. We can help you decide how much you need and what type of policy will fit your needs.

disability insurance agency provider in new jersey

Disability Income Insurance

Most families can't afford to have their income disappear. Disability income insurance protects against loss of income in case of an accident or extended illness.

financial planning insurance agency provider in new jersey

Financial Planning Insurance

If you died or become disabled, how would you meet you family's future financial needs? We provide solutions such as Mortgage Cancellation, Dependent Period Income and Disability Income Insurance. Some things are too important to ignore. We can assist you in your Estate Planning and help you put together a real plan for your family's future.

long term care insurance agency provider in new jersey

Long-Term Care Insurance

With nursing homes and even home-care costing upwards of $50,000 a year most families are unprepared. These policies can provide peace of mind, independence and can help preserve your estate.

student insurance agency provider in new jersey

Student Insurance

You may want to purchase a separate insurance policy for your student or make sure your current homeowners' insurance is adequate. Important coverages to check include contents away from the residence premises, special limits on computers, jewerly, ipads etc. and personal liability. Personal liability is important considering the increased use of social media, your children should be covered for liability they may incur from oral or written material that libels someone or violates their right to privacy.

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Umbrella Insurance

An extra layer of protection for your family and home. Personal umbrella insurance provides coverage above and beyond the limits of your existing insurance policies.

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