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Off-The-Shelf Or Custom-Bespoke—Which Insurance Do You Need For Your New Jersey Restaurant?

March 16, 2022

There’s no question that there are fine off-the-shelf insurance policies out there for restaurants. There’s no question that there are large national companies providing good coverage for restaurants the length and breadth of the country. But there is also no question that no two restaurants are the same (unless, of course, they’re part of a franchise), and if no two restaurants are the same, why should they have the same insurance policy?

Your restaurant is unique—from the food you serve, to the people who serve it, to the space in which they serve it. You are proud of your restaurant, and you want to be sure that it has the best possible insurance coverage.

So, should you get an off-the-shelf package or look for something that is specifically tailored for your restaurant?

It may be that an off-the-shelf restaurant insurance package will serve you well—you won’t know until you get into the details. But more than likely it will be lacking in things you need and will include things you don’t need. That’s where the research comes in…the research and the shopping around.

Whether you look for the right restaurant insurance yourself or go to an agent and have them find (or create) the best policy, you will need to provide information about your business.

It may sound like an obvious question, but what is your business? What type of restaurant is it? What size? What age?

Type matters. If you’re running a high-end rural gastro pub you don’t need the same insurance as the owner of a downtown nightclub.

Size matters. Are you catering for 25 or 250 people a night?

Age matters. Is your restaurant opening its doors for the first time or is it well established, an old favorite in town?

Then there are the details: Does your restaurant serve alcohol? What are your projected sales? How many employees do you have? What is the value of your equipment and inventory? Are you open year-round?

It may all seem overwhelming, but being accurate and comprehensive at the outset will mean getting the best possible coverage for your restaurant. Bottom line? Do your due diligence and your insurance really will have you covered.

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