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restaurant employee stealing stock - top rated restaurant insurance park ridge nj

Employee Theft—The Biggest Cause of Restaurant Inventory Shortage

Learn why employee theft insurance is an important addition to standard restaurant insurance. Learn more...

closed sign on restaurant - best rated restaurant insurance park ridge nj

Property Damage Insurance—Essential Coverage for any Restaurant

Having the right property damage coverage is an essential part of any restaurant insurance policy. Learn why...

professional restaurant equipment - boiler machinery equipment breakdown restaurant insurance

Why Your Restaurant May Need Boiler and Machinery/Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Learn the three principal areas of financial hardship that will be covered by Boiler and Machinery/Equipment Breakdown Insurance for your restaurant.

empty lights off cafe - water, utilities and sewage restaurant insurance park ridge nj

How Water, Utilities, Sewage Insurance Can Protect Your Restaurant

Sewage back-up, water-pressure interruption, electricity or gas outage… any and all of these can lead to serious problems and often the temporary closure of a restaurant.

mold on strawberries - food spoilage and contamination restaurant insurance park ridge nj

Food Spoilage and Food Contamination Insurance—Who Needs It?

Food spoilage and contamination insurance is a sensible “add-on” coverage for any restaurant or food-related business as part of an overall restaurant insurance policy.

two draft beers on bar top - liquor liability restaurant insurance park ridge nj

Liquor Liability Insurance—A Must for all New Jersey Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, the impact of that person acting under the influence can have far-reaching consequences if you don’t have liquor liability insurance.

business interruption drawing concept - business interruption restaurant insurance park ridge nj

With business interruption insurance, an interruption needn’t become a closure for a restaurant

No matter how diligent you are as a restaurant owner, there will always be circumstances that can unexpectedly force you to temporarily close your doors.

cyber security threats to small businesses

Cyber threat not a concern for your small business? Think again.

60% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small to medium sized businesses.

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